Nintendo’s highly-anticipated Super Mario Odyssey may not be available to purchase until the end of the month, but that’s not stopping dedicated fans from getting a head start when it comes to speedrunning the latest Mario title. As demo copies of the ex-plumber‘s latest adventure begin to land in stores, players around the world have begun to challenge themselves to beat the three available stages the fastest, with some impressive results already starting to appear.

The demo currently consists of three levels which run back-to-back as gamers play through them. The Mario games have always attracted the speedrunning fan base, and it seems that Super Mario Odyssey is no exception to this rule. Using the new movement options available in Odyssey, players are able to make Mario move incredibly quickly throughout each level, and making effective use of Cappy is essential to shave a few seconds off each run.

Like in the recently revealed boss battle gameplay, Mario must use his new power of possession in order to take control of the iconic Bullet Bill enemies in order to fly throughout a couple of the stages. Taking control of enemies by launching his newly powered-up cap onto their heads will play a major role in Super Mario Odyssey‘s core gameplay, and it seems that speedrunners will be able to make effective use of the ability as well.

The demo ends with a boss fight against Harriet, the only female member of wedding planner quartet “The Broodals”. After dispatching the rabbit in true Mario style – reflecting projectiles and stomping on heads – the player is granted a special Multi Moon, completing the demo and pausing the clock. So far, it seems that around five and a half minutes is the time to beat, but this record is sure to be broken within a matter of days.

Already, the perfect score reviews have begun to drop for the upcoming 3D platformer, and even from the available recorded footage, it’s clear to say that Odyssey is a beautifully polished game on the Nintendo Switch. So far, the hype for the newest installation in the Mario franchise is the only thing that’s come close to challenging The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it will be interesting to see which comes out on top as we move closer towards the Game of the Year nominations.

Super Mario Odyssey releases October 27, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Jacob Babione – YouTube