As the hype builds for Nintendo’s upcoming console-seller Super Mario Odyssey, one fan has combined their passion for the platformer with their love for FromSoftware’s Dark Souls in an incredible new trailer. Adding the iconic Mario hat to their in-game character, YouTuber JellyElite~ has recreated the latest Super Mario¬†Odyssey trailer entirely in the Kingdom of Lothric.

Not only has the YouTuber made the footage of the gruesome game fit Super Mario Odyssey‘s beautiful new musical number spectacularly well, they’ve also modded their game to give the Ashen One a larger, more comical jump. Just like Mario, the in-game character can now attack from above, use a variety of special abilities including throw fireballs, and wield the classic mustache.

To explain the video, JellyElite~ has Mario appear at the start of the trailer, throwing his hat onto an unsuspecting Ashen One and possessing his body. Due to this new villainous power being a core part of Odyssey‘s gameplay, many fans online have taken to wondering whether Mario is the bad guy in the upcoming title. There is even a growing theory that the titular character of the Mario series isn’t the mustached plumber, but the hat. And all these years players have been controlling the mind-controlled human.

Of course, Super Mario Odyssey couldn’t be less like the Dark Souls franchise if it tried, for the simple reason that the title is confirmed not to show a ‘Game Over’ screen at any point. Instead of dying when the plumber’s health reaches zero, the game will simply take ten coins from the player – a punishment noticeably less harsh than the Dark Souls games dish out.

For fans who just can’t wait for the game’s release in October, new footage from the Japan Expo reveals just what players will be getting up to in New Donk City. True, it’s no Anor Londo, but there is still a lot to explore, as well as a range of secret collectables to discover in the strangely-realistic Odyssey city.

Super Mario Odyssey will launch October 27 for the Nintendo Switch.