Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Craziest Captures in the Game

Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Craziest Captures in the Game - T-Rex

Super Mario Odyssey has made quite the impact on the gaming community, selling millions of copies mere days after its release and earning unprecedented critical acclaim. Many reviewers have praised Super Mario Odyssey for paying homage to the franchise's past while also propelling it forward at breakneck speed, revolutionizing the Super Mario series and 3D platformers in general.

One way Super Mario Odyssey moves the series forward is by introducing a slew of new features. Out of all the new features in the game, one of the most popular is Mario's ability to "capture" enemies and objects using his hat, which is possessed by a friendly ghost named Cappy.

Over the course of the game, Mario will have the chance to capture some rather outlandish characters, ranging from iconic bosses to hilarious everyday objects. Out of all the captures Mario can obtain in Super Mario Odyssey, we believe these five are the craziest, though be warned that this list will contain some spoilers for those that have yet to finish the game.

5 Bowser

Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Craziest Captures in the Game - Bowser

Like almost every other Super Mario game in existence, Super Mario Odyssey's story is capped off with an epic boss fight between Mario and Bowser. The boss fight against Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most memorable encounters with the foe yet, as Mario actually has the chance to take control of his archenemy once the battle is over.

Upon crashing Bowser's wedding and defeating him at the Moon Kingdom, the area will start to collapse, giving Mario, Cappy, Tiara, and Princes Peach very little time to escape. Mario captures Bowser and uses his immense strength to smash through obstacles and defeat enemies as everyone rushes to the exit in one of the game's most exciting moments.

4 Meat

Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Craziest Captures in the Game - Meat and Cookatiel

This Super Mario Odyssey capture is just plain weird. In the Luncheon Kingdom, Mario needs to reach a huge pot of stew that is being cooked by the kingdom's boss, the evil Cookatiel. In order to reach the stew, Mario has to trick the Cookatiel itself into snatching him up with its talons and delivering him to the boiling pot. To do this, players have to locate a huge slab of meat and possess it with Mario's hat, resulting in an absurd and outright bizarre capture.

3 Sherm

Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Craziest Captures in the Game - Sherm tank

Becoming a giant slab of meat has limited benefits for Mario, but luckily the hero can possess more powerful objects as well. Besides living, breathing organisms, Mario can also possess vehicles, such as the Sherm tanks that are found throughout some of the game's levels. By possessing these powerful tanks, Mario can destroy objects that are otherwise unbreakable, and he can also use their cannons to take on the tough Mecha-Wiggler boss in the Metro Kingdom.

2 Taxi

Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Craziest Captures in the Game - Taxi

Mario's ability to possess a tank is pretty outlandish, but him becoming a mustachioed taxi cab is arguably even crazier. Taxis are a common sight on the streets of New Donk City, and while not all of them can be captured, the ones that can transport Mario to special bonus stages. It would have been neat to be able to freely drive the taxis throughout the streets of the city, but those looking for their driving fix in Super Mario Odyssey at least have a scooter they can commandeer.

1 T-Rex

Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Craziest Captures in the Game - T-Rex

Like the Sherm tanks, the T-Rex capture got a lot of attention when it was revealed during Super Mario Odyssey's E3 2017 trailer. It's equally impressive and terrifying to see a highly detailed T-Rex wreak havoc with a huge Mario-style mustache plastered to its face and a tiny hat on its head. While in control of the T-Rex, players can destroy blocks that are typically unbreakable, as well as demolish enemies with ease. The T-Rex makes multiple appearances throughout Super Mario Odyssey, sometimes as a sleeping, peaceful giant, and other times as a virtually unstoppable enemy that has to be avoided or captured if Mario hopes to survive.


Besides the five captures listed here, there are other notable captures in Super Mario Odyssey as well. Some of them are just plain weird, like zippers and manholes, but others are rather exciting, like Yoshi. All things considered, Nintendo has given fans a wide range of captures in the game, and all of them are useful or amusing in some capacity.

If Super Mario Odyssey receives post-launch DLC like we've seen with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, perhaps we will see even more captures added to the game. Maybe future DLC could even let players capture some of the game's bosses, like the massive dragon Bowser uses in the Ruined Kingdom, for instance. In the meantime, Super Mario Odyssey players can have plenty of fun with the captures that are already in the game.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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