The moment a giant tyrannosaurus rex wearing a Mario hat burst onto the screen during the tail end of Nintendo’s E3 2017 showcase, it was clear that Super Mario Odyssey was something different. The Switch exclusive game features a wide range of different power-ups, abilities, and attire, but in the case of the latter some diehard fans may have noticed that these aren’t necessarily “new” outfits. As it turns out, they are direct references to some out-there clothing options that Mario has donned in the past.

Twitter user Retro Cabeza actually took the time to sift through the latest Super Mario Odyssey trailer and identify the origins of each suit, allowing fans that didn’t initially notice to trace the ensembles back to their roots. As is made immediately apparent through the image posted to RC’s Twitter account, each costume has a very specific game that it originated from. Suffice it to say, it’s not likely that longstanding followers of Nintendo’s mascot thought they’d be seeing these duds again.

Those looking at the full image above are likely wondering which titles each look came from, and that information isn’t too hard to come across for those that know what they’re looking for. Anyone that can’t be bothered to Google it, however, need only know that Safari Mario first appeared in the Japan-only Picross 2 (1996), the American Mario premiered in NES Open Tournament Golf (1987), Chef Mario made his presence known in Yoshi’s Cookie (1993), and the sombrero-wearing rendition of Mario reared his head in Mario x Qix (1990).

All in all, the outfits make for a nice nod to the plumber’s past (at least in terms of spin-offs) that nostalgic gamers are sure to reflect upon fondly. It sounds as if players may be able to share in on the nostalgia as well, as Nintendo has teased some sort of multiplayer component in Super Mario Odyssey. The company hasn’t spoken too much about that feature yet, but here’s hoping that Doctor Mario makes an appointment to check in on Odyssey later this year as well.

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Super Mario Odyssey arrives exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017.