In Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo introduces players to Cappy, an anthropomorphic hat that lets ex-plumber Mario control enemies and objects by throwing it in their general direction. Throughout the new Switch game, Mario and Cappy’s bond grows but apparently that doesn’t stop Cappy from being able to kill Mario.

In a newly discovered glitch, Super Mario Odyssey players using the multiplayer mode can actually kill Mario instead of helping him. As shown in the video below, user NichtSascha takes control of a Piranha Plant in Luncheon Kingdom while player two moves Cappy above the creature and performs a ground pound. After this, the newly-mustachioed Piranha Plant is defeated and Mario is nowhere to be found.

Although Super Mario Odyssey‘s multiplayer is supposed to be a fun way for two Switch-users to play together, the format holds the potential for some serious betrayal. After Mario’s “death,” Cappy is the only remaining character on the screen, but the ghostly hat can’t go far without the Italian adventurer’s head to ride on. Thankfully, fast-traveling to a new location will allow Mario to respawn as if his recent murder had never happened.

This isn’t the only dark secret that Cappy might be hiding, however, with early fan-theories surrounding Super Mario Odyssey‘s new ‘capture’ ability suggested that Mario might be possessed by the hat as well. Another theory suggests that Mario might be a bad guy that uses his ability to possess human beings and influence their actions in the streets of New Donk City.

Although Nintendo adamantly claims that Mario’s new ability isn’t possession, players aren’t so sure that the company calling the process ‘capturing’ makes it that much better. The controversial ability does come in handy throughout the game, though, so we’re willing to let this one slide, but it’s worth pointing out that perhaps Mario’s new friend is the reason that this is the first title in the series to receive a higher age rating.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit, Twitter