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As with the majority of Nintendo games these days, Super Mario Odyssey allows players to use Amiibo in-game to acquire a little bonus content. Just like in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, these Amiibo don't have a major affect on gameplay, but will assist the player where desired, or else will change up some of the cosmetic items for a bit of extra customization.

While it's not really worth going out of your way to buy Amiibo specifically for Super Mario Odyssey, fans who already have access to the popular collectibles should be happy to know that they've got another way to use them. There are two ways to use Amiibo in-game: either by tapping them to the Nintendo Switch anywhere in Odyssey, or by using the appropriately named Uncle Amiibo.


Any Mario Amiibo scanned in the ex-plumber's latest adventure will grant players temporary invincibility for approximately 30 seconds. It's still possible to get hit in this invincible form, but no hearts will be lost while the effect is active. Peach Amiibo will give Mario a Life-Up Heart, healing her longtime rescuer up to double his normal hit points. Lastly, Bowser Amiibo of any kind will highlight all purple regional coins that are on the player's screen, but this does not make them visible on the game's map.

Uncle Amiibo will appear at the Odyssey landing point for each world that players have already completed. Talking to the little robotic companion will allow players to be granted the locations of individual Power Moons for showing off their Amiibo collection, but some will also unlock specific costumes for Mario to wear. We've put together the full list of potential unlocks down below:

Mario Amiibo: Unlocks Mario Costume

Dr. Mario Amiibo: Unlocks Dr. Mario Costume

Gold/Silver Mario Amiibo: Unlocks Gold/Silver Mario Costume

Waluigi Amiibo: Unlocks Waluigi Costume

Diddy Kong Amiibo: Unlocks Diddy Kong Costume

Wario Amiibo: Unlocks Wario Costume

Luigi Amiibo: Unlocks Luigi Costume

Mario (Wedding) Amiibo: Unlocks Mario's Wedding Suit

Bowser (Wedding) Amiibo: Unlocks Bowser's Wedding Suit

Peach (Wedding) Amiibo: Unlocks Peach's Wedding Dress

Thankfully these outfits are not restricted to just Amiibo owners, and all cosmetics in Super Mario Odyssey can be purchased as players work towards gathering all of the title's Power Moons. Many of the costumes can only be gathered after the completion of the game's main story, but as we mentioned in our Super Mario Odyssey review, the endgame is only the beginning of Mario's adventure this time round.

Super Mario Odyssey is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: GameSpot

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