Super Mario Odyssey has made a tremendous splash through E3 2017, with Nintendo revealing the Switch exclusive game’s release date of October 27 with a new trailer, along with some tantalizing gameplay demos. For those long-term Nintendo fans who cannot wait until the end of October to play the game, however, one Super Mario 64 modder has come up with a solution.

The solution goes by the name of Super Mario Odyssey 64, and it offers up a fun little sample of what Super Mario Odyssey may be able to offer players. In the mod, the additional powers granted to Mario through the use of Cappy are brought in to Super Mario 64.

As such, Mario can use his hat as an additional platform, and can even use it to control enemies as shown in the gameplay footage of Super Mario Odyssey revealed so far. The mod certainly looks impressive, and impatient Nintendo gamers can actually go out and pick up the mod right now. Those interested in seeing more can do so in the YouTube trailer below.

This isn’t the only time that Super Mario Odyssey has led to some inspiration for those within the modding community. Another great example is one modder who implemented Super Mario Odyssey within Grand Theft Auto 4, using the similarities between Liberty City and New Donk City to great effect to create a hilarious initial trailer.

Those interested in checking out this Super Mario 64 mod might need to act quickly, however, as Nintendo has a long history of having little tolerance for fan-made content such as this. One notable recent example was the case of Pokemon Uranium, a fan-made Pokemon game that was eventually shut down by Nintendo after multiple takedown notices.

Nintendo has revealed plenty of information about Super Mario Odyssey over the course of E3 2017, so gamers have a much better idea about how the title is shaping up. Indeed, Nintendo has confirmed everything from minute details such as the name of Mario’s airship through to intriguing tidbits including outfits that reference classic spinoff games. No doubt Nintendo will be letting loose more information on the game as its release date gets closer.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on October 27, 2017, for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: YouTube