When Mario Maker was revealed at last year’s Nintendo E3 Digital Event, plenty of eyebrows were raised and mouths were left open in the gaming community. The title, which promised players the chance to create and share their own Mario levels, offered up an immense line-up of customization options. After the title’s original reveal, Nintendo fans were left asking plenty of questions about just how far the scope of the title would go.

Since then, however, Nintendo has remained relatively coy about just how the title will function. Mario Maker still remained an anomaly to many, even though the iconic publisher revealed that the title would be getting a September release date, just in time for Mario’s 30th birthday. Although this was actually a delay to the title, which was set to launch earlier in 2015, the release date is still fitting, with Nintendo handing over the creative reigns to a community ready to push the boundaries of just what Mario is capable of.

Even so, details were thin on the ground. It was revealed that Nintendo was – of course – planning to release an Amiibo figure based on Mario Maker, after details surrounding new Amiibos leaked this week. Now, however, Nintendo has given players another, vital, look at just how Mario Maker will work. During its E3 2015 Digital Event, Nintendo showed off another look at the creation title via another trailer – which is now called Super Mario Maker.

Mario Maker E3 2015

More detail was given about exactly how creation works in the title during the E3 2015 press conference, with the added bonus of an in-depth discussion with Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka regarding the creation of the original Super Mario platformer. The original development team used to work on edits using paper sheets, making any additional changes using see-through paper. Over the years, the way to create Mario titles has been streamlined through various forms, until eventually the idea of launching Super Mario Maker was born.

The title will also include a wide array of Amiibo support, and in a way that is bound to make Nintendo fans happy. Using the player’s Amiibo, Mario himself will be able to transform into a number of other famous Nintendo characters. The new Super Mario Maker trailer showcases this with the user transforming into Link from The Legend of Zelda, before taking on the likes of Bullet Bills with ease.

What do you make of the Super Mario Maker reveal? Is the chance to make your own Mario levels something that excites you? Or do you think that Nintendo should keep 2D Mario creation completely in-house? Hit us up in the comments, and be sure to stay with Game Rant for plenty more E3 2015 news to come.

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