One gamer sets out to create a special marriage proposal for his girlfriend, utilizing the level customization in Super Mario Maker and recording the final result.

While video games can sometimes create rifts in relationships, some gamers find a way to use video games to make their relationships stronger than ever. One such gamer decided to use Super Mario Maker to ask the love of his life an important question.

YouTuber and gamer Retro Shanerator decided to propose to his girlfriend, but didn’t want to simply drop down on one knee to present a ring and ask the question. Instead, his appreciation for video games provided a spark of creativity, and he chose to create a proposal-themed playable level in Super Mario Maker. Rather than creating one of the insanely challenging Super Mario levels that have been making waves on the internet, he decided to create a fully playable level with his proposal written out via game blocks. Then, he set the proposal in motion, having his girlfriend play through the level he’d just created.

Retro Shanerator filmed his girlfriend’s Super Mario Maker playthrough and reaction, and subsequently posted it to YouTube. Her response is priceless, as she initially doesn’t recognize that the blocks are spelling out her name, and proceeds to destroy them as normal. Retro Shanerator stops her, indicating to the blocks, and from there her shock and excitement builds as the full message unfolds onscreen. Rather than spoiling the reaction in its entirety, readers can check out the video below.

It’s not the first time that video games have been used to propose to a loved one, although it might be the first instance of someone using Super Mario Maker to do it. Some gamers have created their own video games purely for marriage proposals, and others have even been lucky enough to get major developers involved. In one instance, a gamer managed to get the attention of Bioware, who agreed to create a special marriage proposal Mass Effect level just for the couple. In another instance, the voice actress of GLaDOS agreed to make a brand new audio recording so that GLaDOS could pop the question for him at the end of a custom Portal level.

Not every gamer’s marriage proposal will revolve around games, but it’s a neat touch to see gamers bring that aspect of their lives into the process. Since many couples now play video games together, one can imagine that video game proposals will continue, and perhaps grow even more elaborate in the years to come.

Do you know of any marriage proposals that involved video games? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Super Mario Maker is out now for the Wii U.

Source: YouTube