Nintendo releases a pair of new trailers for Super Mario Maker, giving fans a look at the Birdo and Excitebike costumes in action before they become available later this week.

Nintendo has released a pair of trailers for both the Birdo and Excitebike costumes that are coming to Super Mario Maker later this week. While the trailers are in Japanese, the gameplay is front and center, giving fans a good look at the different animations each costume is bringing to the table. These costumes even hearken back to their classic games, Super Mario Bros 2 and Excitebike respectively, providing a familiar tune when first using the costume and upon finishing a level.

European players can obtain these new costumes starting on December 31, when a pair of new NES Remix Event Courses becomes available. By completing each course, the new costumes will be made available for general use when inside the classic Super Mario Bros theme.

Unfortunately at this time, Nintendo of America has not commented on a specific release date for these costumes in the North American region, but they are are expected to be available soon. Both Birdo and Excitebike join Captain Toad, who became available in Super Mario Maker as a new costume last week in a brand new Event Course that launched on Christmas Day.

In an interesting and unique strategy, Nintendo has constantly kept Super Mario Maker updated with new and free content since its release this past September. Players have been treated to a number of updates, which have added new functionality into the game such as the ability to add checkpoints into a level or browsing only official Nintendo levels from the makers mode. With even more updates planned in the near future, it’s clear Nintendo has a long term plans for this title.

Nintendo has continued to impress with their DLC offerings this generation. Games like Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Legends featured season passes, something Nintendo has never done previously, each with robust and well priced content compared to other big companies. This year alone, popular multiplayer shooter Splatoon has consistently rolled out update after update, adding new weapons, gear and game modes into the title for free. The last major update alone contained huge changes and overhauled many systems that were minor annoyances to players. Splatoon fans are even getting a couple new maps very soon.

What do you think about Nintendo’s DLC policy? Do you think other companies could learn a thing or two from how Nintendo handles post-launch content? Feel free to sound off in the comment section below.

Super Mario Maker is now available exclusively for the WiiU

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