Super Mario Maker Has 100 Courses on Disc

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At their E3 2014 Digital Event, Nintendo pulled the curtain back on an exciting new game called Super Mario Maker. For Nintendo fans, Super Mario Maker is like a dream come true, allowing an infinitely replayable side-scrolling Super Mario experience, as it gives players the tools to create their own Super Mario levels.

After its reveal, Nintendo didn’t speak much about Super Mario Maker, except to confirm a vague September release date. However, during Nintendo’s E3 2015 Digital Event, they dedicated the majority of the time to Super Mario Maker, revealing plenty more about the game.

This was accomplished through a fresh Super Mario Maker gameplay trailer that showcased just how flexible the game’s creation tools can be. The game was also announced to have Amiibo support that will incorporate other Nintendo characters. For the creatively-minded with decent Internet, Super Mario Maker is likely one of their most anticipated upcoming games, but those that do not have an Internet connection to download user-made stages appeared to be left in the dark. That is, until now.

Mario Maker E3 Header Image

Those worried about not having the skills to craft their own well-made levels or those that don’t have access to a reliable Internet connection in order to download the best user-made courses don’t have to worry any longer. As confirmed by Nintendo, Super Mario Maker will come with 100 pre-made courses on the disc. This is quite a substantial amount of levels, and will allow Super Mario Maker to stand on its own as a legitimate Super Mario platformer and not just a tool to create new levels. 100 courses is roughly the amount of levels that were featured in New Super Mario Bros. U, so Super Mario Maker is shaping up to really be quite the impressive all-around package.

This is great news for Super Mario fans, and this means that Super Mario Maker has just as much content as an entry in the main series would, but with the added benefit of the creation tools. Based on the insane creations people have concocted in similar games such as LittleBigPlanet, there will surely be a near endless supply of high quality, fan made courses that will keep fans plenty busy come September.

Its initial reveal made it seem like little more than a gimmicky spinoff for Nintendo to pad out their holiday lineup for Wii U, but since then the game has really come into its own. Boasting an extensive roster of creation tools that allow users to create Super Mario courses utilizing the art styles of most all the iconic plumber’s side-scrolling adventures since the 80’s and over 100 on disc courses to enjoy, Super Mario Maker may just be Wii U’s strongest exclusive this year.

Super Mario Maker is scheduled to release exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U on September 11th.

Source: IGN