A Nintendo fan uses the level creation suite in Super Mario Maker to recreate the entirety of the portly plumber’s first portable outing, Super Mario Land.

Super Mario Maker was released all the way back in 2015, but the strength of its level creation suite means that players are still using the game to build new challenges. Now, one Nintendo devotee has taken on the challenge of using these tools to recreate Game Boy classic Super Mario Land.

Mario has seen something of a cultural resurgence in recent weeks, as the release of Super Mario Run has prompted all manner of discussions regarding the character’s popularity. However, back in 1989, the character was making his Game Boy debut, rather than his first official appearance on smartphones.

Being a launch title for the original Game Boy, Super Mario Land served as many people’s first exposure to portable gaming. As such, it’s become a rather beloved title among those who have a particular nostalgia for that era.

However, few can argue that they’re more of a Super Mario Land fan than YouTuber KHAce, who took on the project of recreating the game using Super Mario Maker. KHAce has uploaded a video to YouTube that combines gameplay footage with audio from the original release for the highest level of accuracy.

Super Mario Maker does have its limitations, which prevented KHAce from creating a truly identical clone of Super Mario Land within the game. Since some level designs are simply not possible within these confines, some editing trickery is used in the video.

That said, for the most part the remake is very faithful to its source material. Anyone looking to check out the project firsthand can do so by utilizing the following codes in the Course World mode present in Super Mario Maker, according to a report from Eurogamer. The codes for every level in Super Mario Land are as follows:

1-1: 8088-0000-02E1-8DAB
1-2: 3eB9-0000-02E1-8E7E
1-3: 0BE6-0000-02E1-8F1B
2-1: 5751-0000-02E1-8FCF
2-2: E5C3-0000-02E1-90B3
2-3: 3624-0000-02E1-9251
3-1: BC22-0000-02E1-93EE
3-2: 20C5-0000-02E1-9504
3-3: 25B0-0000-02E1-963A
4-1: B108-0000-02E1-9772
4-2: EE82-0000-02E1-986D
4-3 (Level): 0103-0000-02E1-9992
4-3 (Tatanga Fight): ECCD-0000-02E1-9A32

This isn’t the first time that KHAce has set about remaking a game using Super Mario Maker. In the past, retro classics including Kirby’s Dreamland and the original Mega Man have been given the same treatment, with similarly impressive results.

KHAce promises more interesting projects for 2017, so it’ll certainly be interesting to see which classic title gets remade next.

Super Mario Maker is available now for Wii U and 3DS.