A new video from YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer showcases the insanity that would be Super Mario Kart with 101 simultaneous players, featuring beloved mascots from throughout gaming.

As the first game to kick-off the Mario Kart franchise, Super Mario Kart holds a special place in many fans’ hearts. The old-school music, the 32-bit drivers, and the flat retro courses all come together to make an incredibly enjoyable SNES game that will go down in infamy. Then, of course, there’s the multiplayer aspect of the title that allowed two friends to battle it out for kart-based supremacy. In hindsight, only having two-player co-op was a bit of a bummer, but one YouTuber has taken care of that (and then some) with a new video that features 101 players going head-to-head.

Going by the handle Hat-Loving Gamer, this YouTuber hasn’t actually created a 101-player version of Super Mario Kart, but the individual has manufactured a rather entertaining take on the beloved racing game. Opting to forego a silly amount of uninteresting Super Mario participants, the video’s creator has instead added famous characters and icons from throughout gaming. Ranging from Q*bert and Banjo/Kazooie to BioShock‘s Big Daddy and Crash Bandicoot, there’s ample representation for mascots new and old – making the end result a worthwhile production.

Those hoping to see what an all-star packed Super Mario Kart would look like are able to do just that below.

Mario Kart seems to have become a popular target for fan creations lately, as another gamer recently combined Nintendo’s aforementioned racing series with Star Wars. The end result for that endeavour left it as one of the better fan-made crossovers in recent memory, although the exact same can be said for the subject of this article as well. Meanwhile, others have been able to create entertaining videos in-game as well, with Luigi doing nothing and pummelling every Super Smash Bros. DLC character being one example in particular.

While this mascot mayhem seems like it’s completely outside of the realm of possibility, fans need only turn to the latest Mario Kart 8 DLC to see that it has already started happening. The likes of The Legend of Zelda‘s Link and Animal Crossing‘s Villager appeared as add-on racers in that game, and amiibo can even add third-party Mii outfits based on Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog after being scanned. With all of that in mind, it’s entirely possible that the next core entry will see a line of all-star mascots within its ranks.

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