One hamster takes the top spot as the most serious rodent gamer in the world, clearing a real-world obstacle course based upon the original NES classic Super Mario Bros.

For many video game fans out there, Super Mario Bros was one of the first games ever experienced. The Italian plumbers have become huge icons of the industry over the years, appearing everywhere from ill-conceived live action movies through to the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics. However, it turns out that it’s not just humans that have become fond of the franchise.

One Super Mario fan took it upon themselves to design a rodent-sized obstacle course based upon the original NES version of the game, and then test it out through the addition of a live hamster. As it turns out, the hamster is more than a little adept at taking on the course, which is reminiscent of World 1-1 from the first Super Mario Bros. Indeed, even the music and sound effects are perfect for the hamster’s trial.

Thankfully, course creator (and hamster owner) Yutako55 was quite happy to share video evidence of the hamster in action. After posting the video to YouTube, Yutako’s hamster immediately gained rave reviews for its performance, clearing awkward jumps with ease and even going to the Subworld courtesy of a handy pipe. It’s hardly an easy feat for the hamster, either – at least if reports that Mario levels are as challenging as solving complex math puzzles are to be believed. The video can be seen in the YouTube embed below.

Yutako clearly put a lot of effort into creating the stage, even testing it out for durability early on. As this test footage shows, the hamster was clearly able to put a little bit of weight into climbing one of the pipes, knocking it clean over. Thankfully, the final obstacle course is a little more robust – and given the popularity that Yutako’s video has received, hopefully there will be more to come in the future.

Aside from these hamster-themed antics and Mario’s surprise appearance at the Olympic games, the Nintendo mascot has made even more real-world appearances. This summer, a New York State farm decided to theme its 2016 maze on the franchise, creating an incredible Super Mario corn maze in the process. It truly shows the power of Mario in pop culture, as the hero is able to pop up in seemingly any situation.

However, Nintendo has often been extremely strict with its most popular franchises, and of late has been clamping down on copyright infringement. Most recently, the company forced the creators of fan game Pokemon Uranium to take the game offline. Hopefully, Yutako’s use of Super Mario Bros music – not to mention that adorable hamster-sized Mario hat – will not result in a takedown notice.

Source: YouTube