And no, that isn’t ‘New Super Mario Galaxy 2‘ – That’s due for release in 2040.

Following yesterday’s release date announcement, here at Game Rant, we realize that you probably want to see more of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Well, look no further dear reader, because we’ve got the brand new trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Thematically, the first half of the trailer appears to be very similar to the first Super Mario Galaxy – a title which, admittedly, I wasn’t too fond of. Heck, they even re-use the same robot-boss that was in the first title. My first thoughts were; do Nintendo not care that they’re rehashing the same game? Will they really force the Nintendo faithful to buy the same game again?

Then Nintendo showed the drill item, and my curiosity was piqued… However, it didn’t really seem to be a game-changing power up. It seems like it would’ve fit straight into the original Galaxy without any trouble – After a few seconds, I felt bored. A dragon boss came next – yawn. Come on Nintendo! Show me something to get me excited!

And then he came on screen. That little green dinosaur that some of us like to call Yoshi. Now, I’m not a big Yoshi fan, but as soon as he entered the fray, the trailer suddenly became interesting.

The dull black skies became vibrant, beautiful waterfalls; the frustrating mini-planets became huge, sprawling, luscious worlds ready to be explored; Super Mario Galaxy became the abstract levels of Super Mario 64and I loved it.

Huge Petey Piranhas obscured the screen, giant Goombas flew above gigantic question blocks, a massive sense of scale flooded the screen – with which I fell in love. Watching the trailer invoked a childish yearning for exploration and adventure – something I felt was missing from the majority of Galaxy. Whether it’s the case or not, I remember Mario 64 as having huge worlds, giant enemies and vibrant colors bursting from every inch of that cartridge, begging for my four year old fingers to play more; to experience more; to enjoy more.

The trailer brought out a side of me I didn’t know I still had. A side that was young, naive and happy. The Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer made me feel pure joy. What more could I want?  No doubt you also watched it and fell in love with it, you Nintendo fanboy you, much like everyone else who’s seen it thus far.

One thing I found interesting: The pointer has gone. Did you notice that? It only appears when Mario is flying through space and/or on Yoshi’s back. For the rest of the trailer, Mario only collected star bits by running into them. Perhaps Super Mario Galaxy 2 will have the much-needed layer of difficulty that the first was lacking? Either way, it’s certainly a title to look out for.

UPDATE: A seemingly plausible Super Mario Galaxy 2 box art has just appeared. It looks absolutely stunning! What do you think?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Box Art

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be riding onto your Wii May 23rd 2010 (North America) and June 11th (Europe).