Super Mario Galaxy 2 Score Available on YouTube

Of all the parts that make up a good video game, the soundtrack seems to be one that's often ignored or at best, pushed to the back burner and simply labeled "ambiance," while the flashy, sparkly graphics take the forefront. In what seems to be an effort to get users to appreciate the music sans gameplay, musical genius Mahito Yokota has uploaded the entire score of Super Mario Galaxy 2 to his YouTube Channel.

Throughout the development cycle, the sound of Galaxy 2 changed drastically. Originally, Yokota had composed over 25 songs using Latin instruments like steelpans, bongo drums and congas, but it was scrapped by lead composer Koji Kondo (who scored Zelda). Yokota then produced two more scores; the first was very pop-oriented, and the second, which was the final, was completely symphony orchestrated and overlaid with the synth sounds that make it "sound like space," according to Yokota. The effect on the final polished game is quite dramatic: playing this game with a hot salsa beat in the background would have altered the experience completely.

Anyways, take my word for it that these tracks are totally worth a listen. Check out my favorite:


Then, of course, head on over to Yokota's Channel and check out the rest. You won't be disappointed.

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