5 Mario Games That Need A Remake (& 5 That Don't)

The most iconic video game character of all time, Mario has starred in a huge number of video games over the course of his celebrated career to date. Usually, those games are pretty good! Due to the nature of the video game industry, many of these games are stuck on older hardware that isn't as easy to pick up and play as the Nintendo Switch is.

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Today, we'll be discussing five Super Mario classics that should be remade on current hardware. However, we'll also be discussing five of these titles that might be better off staying on the original hardware for one reason or another. Let's jump right into it!

10 Remake: Super Mario All-Stars

Super Mario All-Stars is one of the most interesting Mario packages from Nintendo. The SNES title contains remastered versions of Super Mario Bros. 1-3 and The Lost Levels. The game features all sorts of graphical and gameplay upgrades from the original, along with an enhanced soundtrack to boot.

The game is packed full with content, so seeing this title being remade on current hardware would be tons of fun. How would today's gamers fare with the notoriously difficult Lost Levels?

9 Don't Remake: Mario Is Missing!

One of the many educational outings from the red plumber, Mario is Missing came out on a few systems... and all of them were just garbage. Stuffed to the brim with odd geographical tidbits, the game focuses on learning first, with gameplay coming in at a distant 42nd.

The gameplay is basically non-existent. All you do is run around and ask NPCs questions about the country that you're in. There are enemies and boss battles, even if not a single one of them can damage you at all. If you're going to force us to learn, at least make it fun. Sure, it represents a starring role for Luigi, but it's just not a good time.

8 Remake: Mario Galaxy 1+2

The Mario Galaxy titles are fantastic games that deserve all the praise they get. Their inventive gameplay really switched up the Mario formula, and as such, it's a shame that the titles are both stuck on the Wii.

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The control scheme would be an easy switch (ha) to new hardware, so add a new coat of paint and some new content and you've got a fantastic package on your hands. Get on that, Nintendo.

7 Don't Remake: Yoshi's Story

Yoshi's Island is easily one of the best titles to be released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The same honor can't be attributed to the Nintendo 64 title Yoshi's Story. This is the game that started the trend of Yoshi titles being easier, entry-level Mario titles targeted toward a younger audience, which is a shame.

Sure, the visuals are pretty (and one of the biggest highlights of the game), but that's not enough to bring to the table. While it is just a fine game, maybe remake Yoshi's Island instead. Actually... that game is perfect, don't touch it.

6 Remake: Super Mario Land Series

The Super Mario Land series is one that is often overlooked, simply due to the primitive hardware that it was featured on. While the first one wasn't perfect, it was still a fun game, and the next entries in the series really brought their own interesting twists to the Mario series.

Seeing these remade on new hardware in a collection would be a huge surprise from Nintendo, and it would allow an entirely new generation of fans to experience these titles for the first time.

5 Don't Remake: New Super Mario Titles

No, nope, no. We've seen enough of these. Between the DS, 3DS, Wii or Wii U titles, the whole thing's just been a little overdone.

They're fun, wholesome Super Mario experiences, for sure, but these titles are just becoming too samey for some tastes. Maybe a few years from now, we'd welcome another, more creative entry with open arms, but this series is just too much right now.

4 Remake: Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG was the very first Mario RPG (you don't say?) title, and boy was it a good one. Released for the Super Nintendo, the game was filled to the brim with original characters and scenarios that won over players with ease.

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The game is still regarded highly, so if Nintendo and Square Enix can get themselves together and actually release a remake of the game (coinciding with a Geno reveal for Smash?), it would be a huge win for both companies. While this was the start for Mario RPGs, the next entry came a bit later down the line.

3 Don't Remake: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Here we have what is considered to be the worst Mario RPG of them all (if you can even call it an RPG), Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The title took everything that made the past Paper Mario titles great and really diluted the whole experience.

One-dimensional characters, less-than-memorable writing and slim to zero RPG elements made this a more simple, linear affair. There certainly are Paper Mario games that deserve remakes. In our eyes, this is not one of them.

2 Remake: Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine needs a remake like no other 3D Mario platformer does. While the game is still overall great (as tends to be the case with our friend Mario), there are parts of the title that could use some polish and seemingly quite a bit of cut content as well.

Re-release this game with gameplay changes, make it pretty and add back in what was cut in the original, and you've got yourself a recipe for a fantastic Nintendo Switch exclusive.

1 Don't Remake: Super Princess Peach

Look, let's make one thing clear: Princess Peach sure is super. However, her sole solo game isn't. It's easy, simplistic  and just generally lacking.

What Princess Peach deserves is a brand new adventure, free from the influence of her original title. Maybe one where she doesn't have to sob gallons of water at least once per level. Give Peach a proper platformer, but maybe keep this one locked away on the DS. It would just be better for everybody that way.

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