Super Mario Board Game Revealed


Just recently, the board game maker USAopoly stepped forward to reveal a brand new Super Mario board game called Super Mario Level Up! which has actually managed to acquire the labeling of an officially licensed product by Nintendo. Interested parties will be inclined to know that the Super Mario board game is slated for release only in the United States and Canada sometime later this Spring, and it will retail for $20.

As seen in the image of the Super Mario Level Up! box and its contents below, the forthcoming board game will feature a 3D board layout, where players will physically “level up” on the board itself as the game progresses. By the looks of it, players will compete to reach the castle at the top of the board through the collection of coins and the completion of challenges while playing as one of many different Nintendo characters from the famous platformer franchise, including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, Wario, and others.


There have been quite a lot of video games to have been made into board games with their own unique rules recently, and some of them have turned out quite well, such as Fantasy Flight Games' XCOM: The Board Game, while others show plenty of promise, like Steamforged Games' Dark Souls tabletop title. However, Super Mario Level Up! doesn't really look to be much more than a rainy day diversion when the power's out and there's nothing else to do.

Nevertheless, it's best to reserve judgment on its quality, as Super Mario Level Up! hasn't been released yet. With any luck, USAopoly's board game version of Super Mario will be able to put a new and interesting spin on a classic franchise.

Super Mario Level Up! is set to come out sometime in spring 2017.

Source: USAopoly

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