Super Mario All-Stars for Wii Coming to US in Limited Quantities

Mario All-Stars Coming to US

Few video game characters have been as celebrated and popular as Mario. After all, how many other game characters can say they have celebrated their 25th anniversary? To celebrate the anniversary of one of their most beloved characters, Nintendo has announced that a limited print run of Super Mario All-Star Collection will be coming this December to the Wii.

Previously only confirmed for Japan and Europe, this collection of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and the Lost Levels (Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) will be coming to the US on December 12th for $29.99. To sweeten the deal, the collection will also come with a CD soundtrack of classic Mario tunes and a 32-page booklet that chronicles the series' history.

If that sounds like a deal too good to pass up, you might want to get your pre-orders in now. Nintendo revealed that for the US release this will be a limited run. Once they sell all the copies they have produced, they will not be printing any more. Now just how limited this will be is not yet known. It could be very limited and sell out with pre-orders or it could be like the Legendary Halo 3 edition, which I can still find new in local stores.

For me and many others this purchase seems like a no-brainer; everyone loves Mario. For some they fell in love with Mario when they first got their hands on an NES controller. For others it may have been his revolutionary 3D turn in Super Mario 64. No matter what your first Mario experience was, it was probably an enjoyable one. This collection looks like a great way to relive some classic Mario games and it is good to see Nintendo going the extra mile to throw in a soundtrack and history book.

So anyone going to run out and pre-order this collection? Is this something you guys want or do you already have your fill of 8-bit Mario games?

Source:, GameInformer

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