Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Trailer

Super Mario All-Stars Trailer

This year, Nintendo celebrates 25 years of quality gaming. This holiday season we saw both a limited edition red Nintendo Wii console and the re-release of Super Mario All-Stars, a game that originally made its debut on the Super Nintendo. Today, we have a trailer that gives gamers a glimpse into what is contained within this limited edition release.It's hard to believe 25 years have passed since Nintendo's entrance into the video game arena. For many gamers, it may seem like yesterday when they first stepped foot into the Mushroom Kingdom on an epic quest to find the missing Princess Peach. The epic battle of agility versus brute strength when Mario took on Bowser for the first time is still fresh in the minds of old-school gamers.

Many may also recall the epic level of disappointment – after said boss battle – when they realized the Princess was in another castle. Check the trailer below for more memorable moments from this classic series:


As an adult, watching Peach smack Birdo in the face with a giant egg and then jumping into the mouth of a bird is kind of trippy. This version of Super Mario All-Stars is unchanged from the original version, but does include a soundtrack and 32-page booklet, which tells the history of the Mario franchise.

For those who weren't around in the 1990's, Super Mario All-Stars includes 16-bit versions of the first three Super Mario games and the true successor to the original Super Mario Bros., The Lost Levels, which was the original Super Mario Bros. 2 and deemed too difficult for Western audiences.

The 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Super Mario All-Stars is available now in limited quantities for the Wii. Gamers who want it should consider making their purchase now, or possibly be forced to pay inflated prices online later.

Source: Nintendo

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