Those that know the story behind the development of Super Mario 64 may recall that the game was originally meant to include co-op play, but the feature was ultimately scrapped as Nintendo was unable to get it working properly. However, thanks to an impressive new fan game, players can now experience Super Mario 64 with up to 16 players total.

The new fan game Super Mario 64 Online allows players to choose between a multitude of characters, allowing them to collect all the Power Stars as more than just Mario. The roster includes Waluigi, Wario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Princess Peach, and even Super Mario Galaxy‘s Rosalina. Better yet, each character plays differently, with Peach able to float across gaps and Yoshi having the ability to hover like in most games where he’s a playable character.

After selecting their character and connecting with friends online, players are free to play Super Mario 64 Online however they wish. Besides collecting all the Power Stars together, the developers suggest that players compete against one another in races or create their own ways to play. The example given in Super Mario 64 Online‘s trailer is playing hide and seek in the spooky mansion found in the level Big Boo’s Haunt.

Super Mario 64 Online is impressive, but the process of downloading it and actually getting it to work is fairly cumbersome. Furthermore, Nintendo is likely to shut the game down, as the Big N is known for filing takedowns against fan projects as soon as it catches wind of them. Recently, Nintendo has brought an end to fan games like Pokemon Uranium and the Metroid 2 fan remake.

When it comes to Nintendo removing the Metroid 2 fan remake, however, it turned out that an official remake of the game was on the way. If Nintendo is quick to bring down Super Mario 64 Online, perhaps it’s because the company is preparing to create its own online-enabled version of the classic Nintendo 64 title, or at least re-release the game on the Nintendo Switch.

Regardless of Nintendo’s plans with Super Mario 64 moving forward, the Super Mario 64 Online fan game’s days are likely numbered. Anyone that would like to experience Super Mario 64 with online multiplayer should download the fan game as soon as possible.

Super Mario 64 Online is available now as a free download.