Many awesome courses have been created in Nintendo’s critically-acclaimed level creation game Super Mario Maker since its release, but modder Kaze Emanuar has decided to up the ante to a whole new level. Eschewing past making platforming levels in the popular Nintendo game, the modder dived straight into making their own Super Mario 64 inspired maker.

Titled Super Mario 64 Maker, this mod takes the level creation gameplay in Super Mario Maker and transposes it into the 3D world of Mario 64. No longer confined to a side-scrolling format, players will be able make their own 3D Mario levels by placing any kind of object and enemy into an environmental terrain of their choosing, before then jumping in and playing. It has be noted that is the first version of the mod, thus it isn’t quite as polished or as smooth as Super Mario Maker, but considering this is all the work from a single modder it is without a doubt still an impressive creation.

Playing Super Mario 64 Maker is quite simple, but getting the mod up and running is a little less straightforward. As this is a ROM hack, players looking to create their own Super Mario 64 levels will need an emulator and a ROM for the game. While using a keyboard is fine for this mod, Kaze Emanuar suggests using an old-school Nintendo 64 controller in order get the full intuitive experience.

As far as the future of the Super Mario Maker series goes, it appears that nothing is on the cards just yet. Nintendo has recently shot down speculation that a Zelda Maker spin-off was in the works, and rumors that a Nintendo Switch of Mario Maker have not yielded anything. With the Big N currently focused on Super Mario Odyssey, it is likely that fans won’t see a maker title for a little while.

Given how protective Nintendo is of its IP, it remains to be seen whether this mod will survive a likely cease and desist order. For now, while the mod is still available, creative fans will have the opportunity to make all the interesting Super Mario 64 levels they’ve always wanted, whether it’s a lava-filled world with minimal platforms or a single island filled with enemies that’s surrounded by ice water.