'Super Mario 64' Level Remade in HD Using Unity


When it comes to independent video game development and fan creations nothing ceases to amaze us. Whether it’s a faithful recreation of Morrowind in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim or just a simple tweak to Grand Theft Auto 4 that makes it look like Watch Dogs, creations like these show what fandom is all about: using the tools available to pay homage.

Case in point: one Super Mario 64 fan has taken up the (presumably) painstaking task of recreating the first level from the N64 game in Unity. That level, Bob-Omb Battlefield, can be seen in greater detail in the video above.

While this isn’t the first we’ve seen when it comes to Super Mario 64 recreations, it’s arguably one of the best. With the power of the Unity engine – which is free to anyone, by the way – indie developer Royston Ross is able to deliver Super Mario 64 in HD.

Not only does the game look much better than the Nintendo 64 days, but some might argue that the visual look is on par with current Wii U releases like Super Mario 3D World. Well, maybe not that great, but certainly enough to call this an impressive creation and a faithful homage. More importantly, interested gamers can play the Super Mario 64 HD level directly from the browser or download the file for Unity.

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Obviously, seeing this Super Mario 64 HD level is sure to encourage thoughts of an HD remaster for the Nintendo 64 classic, but we should mention that the developer only created the level to test his Super Character Controller. Yes, he made a fully rendered HD version of Super Mario 64 just to test something else.

Still, even if this isn’t the start of something bigger, the prospect of a Super Mario 64 HD remaster is an intriguing thought. Nintendo revamped the N64 game for 3DS, but we’re talking about a fully-fledged remaster – something that looks like Royston Ross’ creation. Then again, with the amount of time Nintendo tends to devote to getting each release just perfect (read: the recently delayed The Legend of Zelda Wii U), it might be better if the company keeps looking forward. A Super Mario 64 HD would be great, but something along the lines of Super Mario Galaxy or 3D World is potentially even better.

What do you think of this Super Mario 64 HD level? Would you be interested in a full HD remaster of the N64 game?

Source: Royston Ross

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