The Hacked Version of 'Super Mario 64' is Very Weird

Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition


There are some weird things on the Internet, there's no doubt about that. One needs only to spend a few minutes browsing Reddit to learn just how funky things can get. Whether it's people creating their own weirdness, or discovering it, there's no shortage of eccentric, creepy and outlandish content.

Video games are definitely not exempt from the Internet's weirdness, either. Case in point: YouTuber videogamedunkey shows off some interesting gameplay from a hacked version of Super Mario 64. Be warned, it's funky.

As the above video shows, this "Chaos Edition" of Super Mario 64 sends players into a weird world of tornadoes, glitches, and the opportunity to play as a random characters. Basically, it looks like someone inserted a few random lines of code into the game, just to see what would happen.

Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition

While the gameplay is definitely kooky, sometimes even a little troubling, it's hard to turn away. There's just something eerily fulfilling about watching stars multiply in the hundreds and boss fights end with in-game materials flying around the screen.

The mod itself is implemented on the PC emulated version of Super Mario 64, and was originally developed by YouTuber Kaze Emanuar as a silly concept not actually meant to be beaten. However, where there's a will, there's a way, as one gamer went through the undoubtedly painful process of advancing through the entire game to claim victory.

We're sure, though, that the player didn't complete it on their first try, as the game seems extremely unstable. Whether it's random enemies chasing Mario (or whatever character the player is using), or sudden breaks in the environment, there's no telling what will happen while playing.


We'll admit, though, that the craziness of the mod makes it somewhat endearing, though it's definitely not for everyone. Those who experience seizures, for instance, should definitely avoid this frantic game. Also, anyone who has anything better to do with their life can chalk this one up to silly Internet shenanigans. In fact, here's a list of things that would be a better use of time than playing this game: watching paint dry, plucking out toe hairs and eating a bowl of rice one grain at a time.

Ultimately, while this is silly, we're still glad someone took the time to make it, because it is fun to watch, even if for just a few minutes. For those interested in taking a stab at Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition, the download is available from Kaze Emanuar. We'll quickly note that we have not downloaded this hack ourselves, and cannot guarantee that it is bug or virus free.

What do you think of Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition? Are you going to give it a try? Tell us how it goes in the comments.

Source: videogamedunkeyTheRetroShowcase

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