Super Mario 64 Hack Lets You Play in First Person

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There's a hack that allows those bold enough to play Super Mario 64 in first person. Of course, it's just a disorienting as one would expect.

YouTuber Kaze Emanuar showcases the hack in a video, where they demonstrate basic controls and offer advice on how to best control Mario now that it's impossible to see what he's actually doing. According to the user, all of the old tricks and abilities in Super Mario 64 work the same way, but will obviously require lots of practice. Sideflips, triple jumps, and rolls are still a part of Mario's repertoire, but they are, as the user notes, "all terrifying in this hack."

The video caps off with the iconic Super Mario 64 battle with Bowser, where Mario is required to swing him around by his tail while spinning in place. For those who don't remember, the object is to throw Bowser into one of the spiked balls surrounding the platform. This section of the game is not for those who are easily prone to motion sickness. And aiming? Forget about it. To the user's credit, however, they did manage to beat Bowser after much trial and error.

Mario 64 in first person is an interesting experiment that will surely garner some laughs -- and possibly nausea -- but will make it nigh impossible to acquire all 120 stars. While progressing through some of the game's early levels might be possible without too much trouble, no one should even attempt Rainbow Ride with this hack.

As for the game's most recent successor, Super Mario Odyssey, one fan discovered a unique challenge for the game: beating it without jumping. While that seems incredibly farfetched for a platformer, let alone a Mario game, according to user Gamechamp3000, it can be done. They posted a video that goes over how the game registers a jump and explains how to workaround it. They discovered that as long as a player doesn't perform a jump while standing at ground level, the game can be beaten without counting a single jump. This isn't by any means simple, but those with the drive and the patience to take on the challenge can check out the video to see how to get started.

Another somewhat difficult challenge in Super Mario Odyssey is the jump rope mini-game in New Donk City that requires players to reach 30 and 100 jumps to earn Power Moons. To bypass this, some players are using a glitch to cheat. The glitch can be initiated by performing certain actions while talking to Talkatoo. The result is a hovering Mario which obviously makes the jump rope challenge much less challenging.

Super Mario Odyssey is out now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Kaze Emanuar – YouTube

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