The retro numbered thing has really been coming back in style lately, with the blue hedgehog getting his number 4 back in 2012 and now everyone’s favorite italian stereotype is getting his – no, not Fabrizio from Titanic, it’s-a Mario. A few days ago Nintendo registered the domain,  possibly revealing the next big Mario title.

Nintendo isn’t taking any precautions to hide it either. In fact, going to that address (as some readers have already) will redirect to Nintendo’s official website. Interestingly, back in January at a Nintendo corporate briefing, President Satoru Iwata revealed that they were working on a totally new 2D side-scrolling Mario for the 3DS. Whether that title is Super Mario 4 is up for speculation, but the whole 2D side-scrolling aspect seems to fit the bill.

The release date for the 3DS game is set for sometime during Nintendo’s next fiscal year, meaning fans will most likely get the lowdown on it at this years E3. If it doesn’t end up being Super Mario 4, however, then it’s still possible it could be a Wii-U launch title, which might be set to release as early as this November. We sure didn’t see that on the alleged, leaked Wii-U launch titles list.

In any case, there will be plenty of Mario action for gamers to enjoy this year and, well, forever since Nintendo has no plans of retiring the chubby little fella. What is really exciting is that Nintendo, like many other companies right now, are embracing their roots and returning to old school styles of gaming – even revitalizing older games with updated graphics. If the number is any indication, Mario 4 is going to bring gamers back to the feel of the original series.

Let’s be honest, though. Nintendo is going to find it hard to one up (sorry) Mario 3‘s announcement.


The Wizard 2 would be genius and Fred Savage is 100% available. Just sayin’.

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Source: IGN [via gameindustry]

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