'Super Mario 3DS' Coming This Year?

Super Mario 3DS launch date

One of the biggest problems that early adopters of the new Nintendo 3DS have complained about, besides the battery life, is the fact that the system didn't exactly launch with a surplus of great titles. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition has been the cream of the crop so far, but most of the hardcore fans didn't purchase the system for its launch titles. They purchased the 3DS because of the promise that the portable held, and the lineup of games that were known to be coming to the system in the future. Fortunately, there may be one "Super" reason to own the handheld by the end of this year.

Super Mario 3DS was announced at last month's Game Developer Conference, and aside from a logo for the title and a few screenshots, Nintendo hasn't released much news on the game. It's not even known when the game is expected to finally hit the latest handheld, but Mario-creator Shigeru Miyamoto finally dropped a bit of news for avid Mario fans everywhere.

This news comes from an interview with the French gaming site, and during their interview, our French amis asked Miyamoto-san when he thought we would see Super Mario 3DS. Miyamoto didn't have an exact answer for them, but he did make a very interesting promise.

"I promise to do all I can to deliver the new Mario game this year."

If Super Mario 3DS can manage to make its way to retailers prior to the end of this year then that sets Nintendo up for some very nice holiday sales numbers. With games like Paper Mario, Star Fox 3D, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and even more all due out before the year's end, the Nintendo 3DS should have a pretty killer lineup by the end of this year. Of course, a game like Super Mario 3DS could take a while for Nintendo to complete, especially by year's end, so it seems that the game making it in time for 2011 is more of a hope then something set in stone. That's not to say that the game's 2011 release is completely out of the question, but we'll learn more at E3 2011.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for more information on Super Mario 3DS as soon as it becomes available.

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Source: (via Eurogamer)

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