Nintendo has released the first official image of Super Mario 3DS logo and confirmed that the game will be showcased at this year’s E3 conference. In a statement to investors this morning, Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata confirmed the news,

“We are planning to introduce a new title from the Super Mario series which is a Mario action game in 3D space, that we will reveal at E3 this year.”

The title, first announced at GDC earlier this month, is being developed by the same team that produced the Mario Galaxy games for the Wii.

Shigeru Miyamoto revealed more details about the upcoming 3D Mario release during a press conference in Paris. Miyamoto confirmed that although Super Mario 3DS is still in heavy development, it will be ready for a full reveal at E3. He also went in depth into the camera system for Super Mario 3DS. The camera will be fixed to allow Mario to move around within the screen depth. according to Miyamoto, this is a technique that was used in Mario 64 and will bring “dynamism to the staging of the game.” Miyamoto closed by saying that Super Mario 3DS will be a combination of Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 64.

Closer examination of the official logo shows a raccoon tail coming of the ‘o’ in Mario. Could we be seeing the return of the ‘Raccoon Leaf’ from Super Mario 3? Is this a hint that the game will include some of the items and play mechanics from classic 8 and 16-bit Mario games? We’ll have to wait until E3 to know for sure. With the recent news that Nintendo 3DS sales have been below expectations, Mario may be just what Nintendo needs to move more units.

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Sources: CVGGamekyo