Fans were pretty excited to learn that the Tanooki Suit would finally be making its return in Super Mario 3DS after being absent from the series for quite some time. The Tanooki suit doesn’t have the same abilities as it did when it made its debut over a decade ago, but it’s still a nice shot of nostalgia to see the costume make its long-anticipated return.

Could the re-emergence of this old-school power-up also mean that more familiar Mario suits of old are getting ready to appear in Super Mario 3DS? According to Super Mario director Yoshiaki Koizumi, even more Mario costumes from the series’ past will be usable in the upcoming 3DS installment.

This news broke during a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, but Koizumi assured fans that they won’t be putting in iconic power ups in Super Mario 3DS just because they can. Instead, they’ve analyzed what suits work in the game, and why they make sense as a logical inclusion.

“I can’t reveal the actual number of power-ups in the game right now, but suffice to say that we do try to include enough so that people can enjoy a variety of different kinds of play experiences in the title. Also, I should point out that we don’t necessarily decide on what number of famous Mario suits will appear in the game and proceed from there – we try to find interesting gameplay ideas and then try to settle on what to do in different places.”

“But I can say that we will definitely have some more familiar suits than just the Tanooki Suit.”

Koizumi wouldn’t go into detail regarding which suits may be making their triumphant return, but he made it seem like Nintendo was putting a lot of thought and consideration into which suits work best in certain areas.

Here’s hoping for the Frog Suit and Kuribo’s Shoe. Hell, the infamous Metal Cap of Mario 64 fame would be a pretty cool addition too!

Which power-ups would you like to see return in Super Mario 3DS?

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

Header image courtesy of Tiny Cartridge.