There may not currently be a lot of must-own games available on the Nintendo 3DS, but as many fans are well aware, that will soon change. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it comes Super Mario 3D Land. The first 3D-enabled Super Mario title will be hitting retailers later this November, but there are still many things about the game that Nintendo has yet to clarify for its fans.

There are still several power-ups that have yet to be revealed, but what some may consider to be more important than that is just what kind of unannounced features await players in Super Mario 3D Land. Nintendo may not be talking quite yet, but some keen individuals over in Japan have noticed that there are some new details on the back of the game’s display box. The information on the box reveals how StreetPass works in Super Mario 3D Land and also hints at the return of a very well-known item that Mario historians may find familiar.

Nintendo had previously confirmed that StreetPass wouldn’t appear in Super Mario 3D Land, but that’s simply no longer the case. StreetPass will allow players to trade in-game items, amongst other things, with one another. Not much else has been revealed pertaining to what these “other things” may be within the game, but Nintendo should make that bit of information apparent in the near future.

Super Mario 3D Land p-wingAnother feature that was revealed was the option to use a P-Winged Assist Block. Many fans may remember the ‘P-Wing’ from Super Mario Bros. 3 as an item that allowed users to simply fly across entire stages with the use of the racoon suit. The P-Winged Block will become available to helpless players whom get stuck on a level — effectively making it a Super Guide of sorts that helps less experienced players complete the game.

It would appear that Nintendo is really looking to Super Mario Bros. 3 as inspiration for Super Mario 3D Land — which is by no means a bad thing. Still, our hands-on time with Super Mario 3D Land at this year’s E3 has proven that this is unlike any Super Mario game before it, so fans better be ready for a different take on their favorite plumber.

Super Mario 3D Land hits the Nintendo 3DS on November 13th.

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