Check Out Some of the Weapons in 'Sunset Overdrive'

Sunset Overdrive Weapons


Insomniac Games is hard at work on its new game for the Xbox One, and there's no question that it looks to be one of the most unique titles to ever originate from the firm — and that's saying something. The new game, aptly titled Sunset Overdrive, will throw players into the role of a completely customizable character that's taken up the task of annihilating an array of mutants running around Sunset City.

The plot itself may not sound revolutionary at face value, but the traversal, combat, and overall aesthetic of the world makes it instantly appealing in a sea of familiar shooters. While it's easy to get caught up in the allure of the unique visuals, the real meat of Sunset Overdrive will come in the form of the weapons and how players go about using them while travelling through a world filled to bursting with enemies that want them dead.

Highlighted in the latest video from Insomniac is the High Fidelity weapon, which launches vinyl records at grotesque baddies. These records will allegedly bounce around and inflict heaps of additional damage — making them ideal for launching into groups of enemies.

The second weapon is the adorable T.N.Teddy, which acts as a fun-filled explosive that'll knock foes on their fleshy, pink backsides. This bear-filled bazooka can decimate large groups of hostiles, and is capable of some long distance shots for anyone skilled enough to master the weapon's arch when being fired.

Sunset Overdrive Weapons

While both of these weapons only give proof of Insomniac's ability to craft some of the most insanely unique weapons in gaming, it's exciting to know that there are even more just waiting to be showcased. Whether or not the remnants of the arsenal will compete with what's been announced so far remains to be seen, but Sunset Overdrive truly looks like a unique experience that Xbox One fans (much to the disdain of PlayStation aficionados) should keep an eye on.


Sunset Overdrive is being developed exclusively for the Xbox One for an unannounced release date.

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