'Sunset Overdrive' Celebrates Valentine's Day with New Achievement

Sunset Overdrive D’awwwwww


It looks like Blizzard isn't the only developer feeling the Valentine's Day love. Yesterday, the company that Warcraft built added a special, limited-time "love bug" skin to Heroes of the Storm's in-game store, transforming the traitor king Anab’arak into a giant ladybug.

Now, Insomniac Games is following suit. February's update to the third-person shooter Sunset Overdrive includes a brand new achievement, worth a whopping 175 gamer points. Called "D'awwwwww," the achievement was designed by the game's director Drew Murray, and pays tribute to the most important woman in his life: his daughter.

In order to earn the achievement, players must traverse Sunset Overdrive's map and hunt down twelve unique pictures, all of which were drawn by Murray's four-year-old daughter Ainsley. The drawings aren't new - they've been in the game since launch - but the new achievement links them together. Finding all twelve of the drawings unlocks the achievement, as well as a frilly pink tutu that characters can wear (the outfit was also designed by Ainsley). It's a fairly simple task, and it's made even easier by Insomniac's unveiling video, which shows players the location of each and every picture.

Sunset Overdrive D’awwwwww

That's an awfully cute addition to the game, especially considering Sunset Overdrive's irreverent tone. After all, this is the title that introduced itself to the public with a trailer that mocked both games and gamers, and ended with a well-timed burst of (bleeped) profanity.

In fact, the game's off-color humor is one of Sunset Overdrive's biggest selling points, and the game is filled with both tongue-in-cheek gaming references and outrageous weapons, including exploding teddy bears and a gun that shoots vinyl records. Sunset Overdrive might be loud and dumb, but knows it's loud and dumb, and that makes all the difference.

The goofy tone worked, too; Sunset Overdrive ended up being one of the most talked-about titles of 2014, and represented one of the year's best new IPs. In addition to generally positive reviews, Sunset Overdrive was nominated for Best Action/Adventure Game at Geoff Keighley's Game Awards, and is currently up for a BAFTA. As such, it's nice to see the game getting a steady stream of post-release support, both in form of new achievements as well as the short-but-sweet story DLC. While a sequel is inevitable, Insomniac seems committed to supporting the original Sunset Overdrive for the foreseeable future, and it'll be fun to see what other shocking (or adorable) surprises the company has in store.

Source: Xbox Wire

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