Sunset Overdrive Could Still Come to PC

Sunset Overdrive Could Still Come to PC - Sunset Overdrive mutants

Responding to fan questions on Twitter, Insomniac Games reveals that 2014's Sunset Overdrive could still come to PC, but Microsoft has to make the call.

With its Xbox Play Anywhere program and by bringing former Xbox One exclusives to the platform, Microsoft is starting to become aggressive with its PC gaming initiative. Even so, there remains a few Xbox One exclusives that, for one reason or another, still haven't been announced for PC. Perhaps the two highest profile of these games is Halo 5: Guardians from 343 Industries and Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games.

Insomniac recently addressed the lack of a Sunset Overdrive PC port on Twitter. According to the studio, the decision to bring Sunset Overdrive to PC is one that Microsoft has to make, but Insomniac would "love" to see the game make its way to the platform. Whether or not that ever materializes remains to be seen, but considering recent events, chances are good that the game will one day come to PC.

After all, Microsoft seems to be bringing as many former Xbox One exclusives to PC as possible. Gears of War 4 is coming to PC after previously being announced as an Xbox One exclusive, and Halo 5's Forge tools have come to the platform as well, teasing the possibility that the full game could eventually hit the hardware. Furthermore, it's no secret that Sunset Overdrive wasn't as big of a sales success as Insomniac or Microsoft may have hoped, and bringing the game to PC could go a long way in making it more profitable.

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Still, there's a chance that Microsoft may never bother with bringing Sunset Overdrive to PC. However, if a sequel to Sunset is ever produced, that could theoretically launch on PC, regardless of Microsoft's wishes. In fact, Insomniac could bring Sunset Overdrive 2 to PS4 if it wanted, as part of the studio's exclusivity deal with Microsoft for the first game was that it retained the rights to the IP.

Unfortunately, with the less-than-stellar sales of Sunset Overdrive, it seems unlikely that a sequel is in the cards at all, let alone one would that branch out to other platforms. And that's unfortunate, as Sunset Overdrive released to positive reviews, and we even included it in our list of Best New Video Game IPs of 2014.

Whether or not the gaming world ever sees a Sunset Overdrive sequel, it would be nice for the first game to release on PC. That would give more people a chance to try out the underappreciated game, and could help prove that Microsoft is truly serious about its renewed push into the PC gaming market.

Sunset Overdrive is available now for Xbox One.

Source: Insomniac Games

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