‘Sunset Overdrive’ Videos Reveal Opening Cinematic & New Gameplay

By | 2 years ago 

In a world where the genre of grey-brown military shooters has become a little oversubscribed, Insomniac Games kicked down the door (literally) at E3 2014 with a new trailer for upcoming open-world mutant massacre simulator Sunset Overdrive. Brimming with color and humor, the game promises high grade zaniness and is one of the major upcoming Xbox One exclusives.

To tease the Sunset Overdrive experience (and provide a little backstory), Insomniac Games has now released the opening cinematic for the game, in which the noble hero (whose gender and appearance can be customized by the player) is shown clearing up raving party-goers’ garbage in a dead-end job, before being suddenly thrust into a world of giant orange mutants and crazy parkour moves. He’s also shown playing Sunset Overdrive on his phone shortly before this happens, so it’s possible that the whole story will turn out to be an Alice in Wonderland style fantasy.

Insomniac took a demo of Sunset Overdrive to RTX 2014 last week, which means that there’s now also some new gameplay footage online. It makes for a pretty refreshing change after the polished, scripted gameplay demos of titles like The Division that were shown at E3, as presenter Brandon Winfrey provides commentary over a chaotic gameplay session that includes multiple deaths (and amusing respawn animations).

One of the main things that can be learned from this gameplay session is that Sunset Overdrive is not a game where you can just stand still or crouch behind cover while shooting. In fact, doing so is punishable by death. Instead, “traversal” is a keyword that the developers were apparently in love with, and the gameplay is designed around shooting and attacking while in motion – whether jumping, grinding or running. It’s still pretty reminiscent of the inFAMOUS franchise, but its also got a lot of personality of its own.

The gameplay demo showcases some of the weapons in Sunset Overdrive, including the AK-FU, the Captain Ahab and the One-Handed Dragon. These are used to tackle one of the game’s bosses (or possibly just a mini-boss – maybe they get bigger than this) as well as a horde of standard mutants.

The Xbox One is already starting to sell better since it was made available without the Kinect for a lower price tag. For those who haven’t yet invested in the new console generation, is Sunset Overdrive tempting you to get an Xbox One?

Sunset Overdrive will release exclusively for the Xbox One on October 28, 2014.