Sunset Overdrive: Launch Trailer, Customization Details, & Crazy Weapons

Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer


With less than a week until Sunset Overdrive hits store shelves, the marketing teams at Microsoft and Insomniac Games have put their promotional tour into…overdrive. Just this week, the folks behind the whacky open world Xbox One exclusive have detailed several of the game's key features, principal among them weapons and customization, and released a launch trailer to boot.

Eager gamers can check out the launch trailer above to see just what type of zany experience Sunset Overdrive tries to deliver. As if it wasn't evident already, this is a game that's dripping with style on almost every front. Sure, it has a familiar post apocalyptic open world set-up, but that's only the beginning.

Other familiar tropes of the genre that are on display in Sunset Overdrive include a comprehensive suite of customization options. Players can deck their character in any manner of goofy getups, from their head down to their toes. Again, this is a chance for the game to assert its personality, and for players to make their character unique. Not only that, players will continue to unlock accessories as they go, meaning what they start with and what they end up with could be markedly different.

To better illustrate that point, Microsoft has released a new Upload video focused on Sunset Overdrive's customization options. In it, players can see just how unique one character can be from the next. Check it out below.


And finally, with this being an Insomniac Games product we would be remiss if we didn't talk about weapons. Since the early days of Ratchet & Clank, and then on into Resistance and FUSE, Insomniac has built their legacy on two things: irreverent humor and insane weaponry.

This last trailer introduces players to a live-action representation of Walter, one of the many NPCs they will encounter in the finished game. Walter then shows off of a few of the unique weapons that will be at player's disposal in Sunset Overdrive, specifically the TNTeddy and The High Fidelity. Few could say they've played a game that includes exploding teddy bear guns and a record launcher, but Sunset will change that.


Altogether, Sunset Overdrive looks every bit the part of a colorful Insomniac release, boasting everything players would seemingly want out of an open world title from them. Sunset Overdrive might not be the most original game on the block, but it sure is one of the boldest.

Will you be picking up Sunset Overdrive next week? How will you customize your character?

Sunset Overdrive releases October 28, 2014 for Xbox One.


Source: Microsoft

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