‘Sunset Overdrive’ Gets Extended Gameplay Preview

By | 2 years ago 

If the success of Saints Row: The Third proved anything, it’s that the video game industry was still willing to support an outlandish, out of control and ridiculous adventure – assuming it was executed well enough. That’s one message that the minds behind Sunset Overdrive clearly took to heart, with the latest extended gameplay preview proving that not only will the game be sure to earn some next-gen attention, but that Insomniac Games is embracing their return to the heightened style of their roots.

The announcement trailer for Sunset Overdrive confirmed that the studio hadn’t lost its desire for colorful, cartoon-ish style after years developing the Resistance series, and the official box art implies they’re preparing to express themselves in an even bolder way than ever before. With Insomniac’s leadership explaining that their jump from Sony-exclusivity to Microsoft was motivated by a desire to maintain total creative control, this new preview shows that they aren’t exaggerating – Sunset Overdrive will absolutely be one-of-a-kind.

Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Preview Video

The philosophy that “fun trumps realism” expressed in the video is clearly more than lip service, as it seems to be shaping every aspect of the overall game. The first look at Sunset Overdrive gameplay showed that Sunset City would be more vibrantly colored and uniquely designed than most open world cities, but this new footage take a closer look at the mechanics and weaponry tackling the same goal.

Whether it’s the ridiculous flourishes in the game’s explosions, or the apparent lack of an explicit targeting reticule, the gameplay seems to support the developers’ claims that they’re not interested in making any cover-based shooter. On top of all that inspired design and embracing of humor (most notably seen in the respawn animations), the visuals themselves look to be making the most out of next-gen hardware. The game will have some competition if it’s intended to launch on the rumored release date, but few other titles seem to be targeting the same audience.

What do you make of the game? Does this seem like the kind of open world you’re ready to leap into with both feet, or are you waiting to see more? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Sunset Overdrive is being developed exclusively for the Xbox One for an unannounced release date.

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