‘Sunset Overdrive’ Trailer Takes Gamers On A Tour Of The Game’s Cannon Fodder

By | 2 years ago 

Ever since its initial reveal, it’s been clear that Sunset Overdrive‘s priority has been on entertaining gamers over providing a thought-provoking critique of violence and player interaction in the popular media. That has its place, just as bazookas that fire  T.N.T.-covered teddy bears have found a home in this upcoming Xbox One exclusive. This is then where the colorful cannon fodder that populate the game’s world come into play.

From pustule-covered mutants to missile-toting robots, it looks as though Insomniac Games is intent on continuing the over-the-top streak they’ve set with the weapons and world that will make up Sunset Overdrive. While gamers have gotten their fair share of looks at the enemies that they’ll be mowing down, as part of Gamescom Insomniac has provided a new trailer that goes into how these adversaries came to be.

The new trailer focuses on a character by the name of Floyd who was one of Fizzco’s head scientists up until the mutant outbreak that gamers should be all-too-familiar with at this point. Having left, it looks as though he could end up acting as the player’s prime connection to Fizzco and the “awesomepocalypse.” Everyone needs to get their high-tech, tornado-generating laser swords from somewhere, right?

While mutants have been featured as what seems to be the primary enemy up to this point, players also get a good look at Fizzco’s robots that unsurprisingly come armed to the teeth. If you’ve ever wondered what a massive drink corporation’s “clean-up team” looks like, you need not look further. While the majority of the game’s mutants look like they will provide primarily melee resistance, Fizzco’s robots look like they will shake the gameplay up a bit with their ranged focus.

In true Sunset Overdrive fashion, the trailer maintains the upcoming game’s air of manic silliness. From its almost reality show-like portrayal of the character of Floyd to its downright exuberant view of the apocalypse, it’s just dripping with Insomniac’s characteristic charm. It’s not often that a game’s trailers can effectively capture the feeling of playing the game, but Insomniac seems to be coming dangerously close.

Considering Microsoft’s focus on strong new IPsSunset Overdrive is an impressive step forward. While it carries elements of other games and genres, it feels like a truly new and fresh experience. With so many games falling into the grounds of safe sameness, many gamers welcome risks with open arms. One can only hope that this risk will have been one worth taking.

Is the over-the-top silliness of Sunset Overdrive something that is making you more excited for the game? Of the weapons that have been shown off, what are you most excited to wield?


Sunset Overdrive releases October 28, 2014 for Xbox One.

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