XSEED Explains Vita Touch Controls For 'Sumioni: Demon Arts'

Sumioni: Demon Arts is one of the more intriguing Vita titles announced to date. The game has an eye-capturing art style and makes use of the Vita's tactile inputs for some extremely creative ways, and today XSEED detailed just how players can use the touchscreen to complete their quest.

In Sumioni: Demon Arts numerous strategies can be employed to defeat enemies or solve environmental puzzles. XSEED's Tom Lipschultz gave the example of a large tower with a bowman at the top, raining arrows down upon the player. In this case, players can swipe at the tower with their sword until it collapses, pr use the game's paintbrush (controlled by swiping along the Vita's touchscreen) to paint a bridge up to the top of the tower. If that's not destructive enough for the player, they can also light the tower on fire or create a thunderstorm above it with some well-drawn symbols.

Players can also engage in much more devastating attacks, such as summoning a powerful creature with a specific sketch. However, a specific amount of ink is required in order to use any of the aforementioned powers, and if players run out of ink they can create more by rubbing the rear touch pad. This will leave their on screen character defenseless, but seeing someone furiously rubbing the back of their Vita should offer entertainment for any onlookers.

Check out two new screenshots from the game or take a look at the announcement trailer to see the game in action:

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All in all Sumioni: Demon Arts seems to offer some interesting uses of the Vita's control methods, while keeping the touchscreen controls from seeming like they're being forced just for the sake of having them. The more games that are developed with the Vita's features specifically in mind the better, and this one looks like it fits the bill. Hopefully it will be a title worth remembering when it launches this year.

Sumioni: Demon Arts is set to release some time in the Vita's launch window - February 22 for North America - but no exact release date has been given.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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