'Sumioni: Demon Arts' Gets A Release Date

Sumioni Demon Arts Release Date

If Ink Demons and touchscreens sound like a winning a combination, then Sumioni: Demon Arts may just be the game you're looking for. Today, Xseed has finally unveiled the title's North American release date: March 20th, 2012.

Sumioni: Demon Arts - a launch window Vita title in Japan - will land in North America as a digital download for the low price of $19.99. Suminoi is available in Japan on a game card but, as such, it is priced as a full retail game. It's unfortunate that the title won't be making its way to North America in any physical format, especially for gamers like myself who prefer physical media. Even then, it's hard to argue with the game's attractive price point.

Originally, Sumioni: Demon Arts had been confirmed only for a Japanese release, leaving prospective Vita owners unsure as to whether or not the promising title would be published elsewhere. Thankfully, Xseed was able to secure publishing rights to the action platformer late last year. Xseed is best known for bringing niche titles over to the West - including The Last Story, a title Nintendo seemed reluctant to publish. The company is also one of the few developers still supporting the PSP, so it should come as no surprise that they're continuing the trend with the Vita. Sadly, the game is still lacking a European publisher, though hopefully someone will bring it to our fellow gamers across the Atlantic.

Sumioni: Demon Arts will come with over 30 stages at launch as well as multiple endings. Further down the line, developer Acquire plans to add in online leaderboards, as well as support the title via DLC.

Sumioni: Demon Arts has always been intriguing due to its art style, as well as its interesting use of the Vita's touch controls. Players use the touch screen to "paint" new platforms with the swipe of a finger, and can also use it to summon powerful creatures - a tactic that comes in really handy during boss fights.

We'll be interested to see if Sumioni: Demon Arts will be a worth while addition to the Vita's line-up come late March.

Sumioni: Demon Arts releases March 20th, for the PlayStation Vita.


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Source: XSEED

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