Suicide Squad Game in Development at Rocksteady, According to Marketing Leak

A cascade of rumors regarding Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios' next game came together this week, hinting that the Batman Arkham developer's next game may be Suicide Squad. The news stems from two independent rumors, both of which should be met with a high level of skepticism. The first is an anonymous supposed leak of Warner Bros. marketing plans tied to an unnamed DC Comics property, while the second is a chain of related posts and comments tied to Rocksteady's new game being Suicide Squad.

Starting with the Suicide Squad-specific rumors, ResetEra user ThereAreFourNaan posted that they'd heard via unreliable sources that Rocksteady was developing a Suicide Squad game. With the shaky rumor floating around, an excited fan then took to Twitter and DM'd Kotaku's Jason Schreier to see if he could verify or debunk the Suicide Squad rumor. Schreier replied with an ambiguous, "I wouldn't want to spoil it," followed by a winking emoji. That's hardly a confirmation, but it's more than Schreier needed to say about an otherwise random rumor.

Things became much more interesting today after an anonymous 4chan user posted what they claimed to be leaked marketing materials for an upcoming unannounced WB game. The marketing material is extremely similar to leaked, and now confirmed legitimate, Mortal Kombat 11 marketing material both in format and language.

According to the marketing plan, this new game will be announced on June 4th, exactly one week before E3 2019. The announcement will feature the reveal of the Gotham location, which is just one of multiple playable areas in the game, and Star City of Green Arrow fame is planned for a later reveal. The end of the announcement trailer would feature Ra's al Ghul, who will be offered as an "exclusive timed raid mission" available as a pre-order bonus.

As for gameplay, the leak only goes into very general details. The online multiplayer game will focus on teamwork and combat, offer customization and loot to collect, and will feature "supers." Additionally, the game will have city hub areas as well as branching storylines.

WB marketing leak suicide squad

WB marketing leak suicide squad

Beyond the question as to the leak's legitimacy, the next largest question would be whether or not this leak is Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game or something else. It's known that Rocksteady is working on an online game focused on retention through repeatable content and post-launch support, so that lines up. And a Suicide Squad game would definitely enable the game to visit different cities including Gotham and Star City. A 2020 release also makes sense with Rocksteady's development cycle.

As of right now, the rumors aren't overtly unbelievable or easily dismissed as fake, but that doesn't stand for much. Still, with E3 just two months away it makes sense for some information about certain big projects to start leaking.

At least, Rocksteady and DC Comics fans can rest easy knowing that the veracity of this rumor will be tested relatively soon. June 4th, when the leak says the game is supposed to be announced, is just around the corner.

Source: ResetEra, Twitter

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