Suda 51 Interested In Making 'No More Heroes 3'

No More Heroes 3 Interest

Suda 51 is certainly one of the more unique game developers out there. His various titles are anything but conventional games, seemingly taking on a world of their own, yet one that's similar to our own, only with certain aspects exaggerated to the point of insanity. Though he has made a number of games, his most successful is easily the No More Heroes franchise on the Wii, so much so that Suda 51 has now expressed interest in making No More Heroes 3.

What should be remembered is that before No More Heroes, very few of Suda 51's games ever got a sequel. Many expected the fan favourite Killer7 to get the sequel treatment, even though it never did. No More Heroes proved to be the one fans could get behind however, with its unique and popular characters making gamers want to play over and over again. The second one was certainly a surprise when it was announced, but now Suda 51 seems to understand the fans' desire to see more of this crazy world where the craziest killers rule.

Suda 51 mentioned that because of the vast amount of characters he left unused in the past two games that he could easily make at least two more. He wanted to work with character designer Yusuke Kozaki and mecha designer Shigeto Koyama on the project, which certainly raises some questions as to just what the new title would contain. He explained however, that the project wouldn't happen for a while, but he was very interested in doing it.

One of the concepts that he had in mind was a game focusing on the character Shinobu. Those of you who played the previous No More Heroes games will know her as the most memorable boss in the first game, which says a lot considering the unique boss fights of the series. She also reappeared as a side character in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and you actually got to play as her for a couple of levels. She's proven to be one of the most popular characters of the series, so a game focusing on her would easily sell.

Are you looking forward to a third No More Heroes? Would a title focusing on Shinobu catch your interest? What new boss ideas would be used for the title?


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Source: Andriasang

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