Suda 51 and Kinect Team Up for 'Codename D'

Suda 51

I would love to have just five minutes to sit down with Suda 51. Not only is he responsible for one of the most interesting Wii titles to date, he also delivers games so mind bogglingly creative, it's hard to believe he isn’t under a 24-hour drug-induced high.

In a tease of an announcement, comes word that Suda is developing a game, tentatively titled Codename D, for the peripheral he was meant for - Microsoft’s Kinect.

Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, the team bringing us the recently announced Shadows of the Damned, Codename D is one of the first hardcore titles that is sure to peak gamer's interest in Kinect. If just having Suda 51 behind the game isn’t enough to sway you, the description certainly will.

"You must fight for your life to survive an evil amusement park filled with twisted and eerie creatures. With Codename D for Kinect for Xbox 360, you are the controller as you unleash devastating effects to destroy enemies and objects."

Based on the combination of Suda 51 and this quick synopsis I am already sold. To me, it sounds like a mix between MadWorld, the crazy over-the-top actioner and the Saw films. While I am not a big fan of the latter property, I think (in the realm of video games) the idea has a lot of potential. And of course with Suda 51 you can expect the game to be extremely original.

Previous works from Suda have included both No More Heroes games as well as the underrated Killer 7. Neither were anything too revolutionary but No More Heroes was certainly a step outside of the casual realm for the Wii. As one of the most popular hardcore games for the console, Heroes was able to make swinging a white controller feel extremely satisfying and at times used the controller in ways that were absolutely brilliant (telephone anyone?). Either way, I cannot wait to see what crazy gestures Suda has in store for Kinect users when Codename D eventually drops.

What are your thoughts on Suda 51’s games Ranters? Are you a fan or do you find his offbeat sensibility a little too weird for your taste?

Codename D is due some time next year on the Xbox 360.

Source: CVG

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