In the wake of the character’s appearance in the smash hit Captain America: Civil War, there’s renewed speculation that the team behind Infamous could be working on a game starring Spider-Man.

This weekend saw Spider-Man make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, helping Captain America: Civil War become the fifth-best domestic opening of all time at the multiplex. There’s no questioning the popularity of the web-slinger — so when will we see him make his next video game appearance?

Last month, we started to hear rumblings that Sucker Punch was working on a Spider-Man game. However, the fact that the boxart submitted as evidence was proven to be fake quickly stemmed the flow of speculation before it could really get started.

Now, there’s further proof that this rumored project might be legitimate. A reference to the game was spotted on the resume of seasoned stuntman Stephen Oyoung, according to a report from Shack News. Perhaps adding even more legitimacy, the document has now been made private.

Oyoung refers to his work as the lead stunt performer on the ‘Untitled Spiderman PS4 Project.’ It’s interesting to note that the game doesn’t have an official title while performance capture is going on — as well as the fact that Sony is listed as the title’s developer.

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In terms of movies, the Spider-Man property has recently undergone some changes, now being linked to both Sony Picture and Marvel Studios, after the former had sole control for more than a decade. The franchise has deep links to Sony, but it would still be a surprise to see a video game adaptation released as a console exclusive.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a box office giant — and it hasn’t done so by limiting which audiences have access to the movies its comprised of. It would seem likely that a major video game adaptation of one of its most prominent heroes would not be a platform exclusive.

However, a game developed by a first-party studio like Sucker Punch would almost certainly be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. All signs point to this rumor being pure conjecture, but the fact that it keeps rearing its head has to lend it some weight.

There’s no smoke without fire, and it has been almost two years since the release of Sucker Punch’s most recent project, Infamous: First Light. If the studio is working on Spider-Man, we’ll surely see a reveal at E3 next month — and if not, we’ll likely be given a glimpse of whatever is in the works at the Washington-based developer.

Source: Shack News