One modder takes it upon themselves to add a classic Tim Allen Home Improvement joke to Streets of Rage 2 with hilarious results, and releases the mod to the public.

What does the classic sitcom show Home Improvement have in common with Streets of Rage 2? Other than both originating in the 1990s, very little. However, one Steam modder has decided that they wanted to bring a little Home Improvement into Streets of Rage 2, and the result is hilarious.

For those not in the know, Home Improvement was a sitcom from the 1990s starring Tim Allen. Its basic plot revolved around the behind-the-scenes look at the life of a man who hosted a show on improving one’s home, hence the name. The show was extremely popular back in its day, in part due to the wide variety of comedic and weird noises that its star made, which were so iconic that one grunt in particular was incorporated into the show’s intro.

Steam Workshop modder Adrock4 seems to have enjoyed the 1990s nostalgia of Streets of Rage 2 so much that he decided to bring in a little more 1990s culture in the form of Tim Allen’s grunts. In a mod that’s publicly available to anyone with a copy of Streets of Rage 2 on Steam, he’s replaced the normal enemy character death grunt in the game with Tim Allen’s “Uuuuhhh?!” from the intro of Home Improvement. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Steam may be bringing paid mods back to the Steam Workshop, but this isn’t one of them. The file is available for anyone who wants it, and can be easily installed with the press of a button. While anyone that is unfamiliar with the old television show may not be able to see the charm of this mod, it’s taken off in popularity, with nearly 2,000 subscribers (people who have installed the mod to their game) and over 20,000 views on the demonstration YouTube video.

Modders are notorious for bringing weird stuff into video games that were never intended to be there. Modders have added the Macho Man to Fallout 4, turned the player into a superhero in Grand Theft Auto V, and broken Super Mario 64 entirely with the chaos edition hack. There’s something to be said for adding or changing something in a game to make it goofy and over the top, and while this Streets of Rage 2 mod is minuscule, it does just that.

Streets of Rage 2 is available on PC via Steam, and the Tim Allen mod can be found on the Steam Workshop.

Source: YouTube, Steam

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