No Xbox 360 Exclusive Character For 'Street Fighter X Tekken'

Marcus Fenix and Master Chief in Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken, the latest fighting game crossover from Capcom and Namco Bandai, may very well be the best fighting game that launches this year. As if the wondrous gameplay and already expansive roster weren't enough, Capcom also announced that inFamous protagonist, Cole McGrath, would be joining the fray exclusively on PS3 and PS Vita.

The promise of platform exclusive characters got Xbox 360 faithfuls excited for an exclusive character of their own. Unfortunately, it seems that this won't be the case.

During a quick Q&A between Xbox360Achievements and Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono, it was confirmed that there won't be a console exclusive character in the Xbox 360 version of SFXT. According to Ono, the lack of a Microsoft-owned character in the game certainly wasn't through lack of trying on Capcom's part, however, and instead failed to happen "because of differences in timing."

"We do have the exclusive characters for the Sony platform. We have Cole, the two Sony cats, Kuro and Toro. But basically for the Xbox 360, we were in discussions with them (Microsoft) for which character to put in as an exclusive, but we weren't able to decide on a character because of differences in timing and things like that. So unfortunately for Street Fighter X Tekken, only the PlayStation family will be getting the exclusive characters, but it's something we wish could have happened. It's just too bad, basically."

Naturally, Ono was then asked which 360-exclusive character he would have liked to throw into the Street Fighter X Tekken madness. If you guessed Marcus Fenix or Master Chief, then you're right!

"In terms of characters we wish we could have put in the game, Master Chief or Marcus Fenix from Gears of War would have been really cool, but it was just really difficult. We have Cole from inFamous on PS3, which is really cool, but that's just the way it turned out."

This isn't the first time that 360 owners have been left out in the cold, as PS3 owners were graced with the presence of Kratos in Mortal Kombat — leaving Xbox fans sans exclusive. Still, the inclusion of a Gears of War character in a Capcom game seemed probable, given the appearance of both Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago in Lost Planet 2. It's just too bad to hear it didn't work out this time.

Hey, at least we can look forward to a special appearance from Mega Man and Pac-Man in Street Fighter X Tekken, right?


Street Fighter X Tekken kicks off on Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 6th (also known as my birthday).

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Source: Xbox360Achievements

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