Trailer Confirms Mega Man and Pac Man for 'Street Fighter X Tekken'

Mega Man Pac Man Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer

When it was teased that Pac Man and Mega Man (terrible Mega Man 1 box art version) would be joining the Street Fighter X Tekken roster, it seemed like an announcement that couldn't possibly be true. Pac Man, who is significantly outmatched against the likes of Tekken and Street Fighter's finest, and Mega Man, who would be showing up in the least likely of forms, each seemed like unlikely candidates. But they're real, and we have the trailer to prove it.

Obviously, Pac Man in true form couldn't possibly hold his own, so he has been given the added benefit of a robotic suit to rest his body on. It doesn't quite make sense, but when in action it appears to be natural enough.

Mega Man on the other hand is as downright ugly as you possibly can get in terms of a fighting game character. If there was any question that this is Mega Man 1 box art's version of the blue bomber, just check the artist imperfections thrown in for good measure.

But, as they say, seeing is believing, so check out the newest trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken featuring Mega Man and Pac Man.


It is a pretty bold move on Capcom's part to circumvent fan outcry for Mega Man — in the truest sense — and deliver the box art version of him. It is almost like they enjoy teasing fans rather than giving them what they want...actually they probably do.

Along with Mega Man and Pac Man, the previously announced Cole McGrath, Kuro, and Toro will all be PlayStation 3 and Vita exclusive characters for Street Fighter X Tekken. Sadly, the Xbox 360 version currently has no exclusive characters, despite strong petitioning on Capcom's part to get Master Chief.

Though Street Fighter X Tekken appears to be more serious in tone, it's good to see that Capcom hasn't lost their proclivity for tongue-in-cheek humor by way of cleverly chosen additional fighters. Our only hope is that Capcom doesn't pull another bait and switch and release Ultimate Street Fighter X Tekken at the end of this year, with more fighters thrown in.

What do you think of Pac Man and Mega Man as the newest combatants added to the SF X Tekken fold? Can you think of any other random heroes that would make a perfect counterpoint to these two for the Xbox 360 version?

Street Fighter X Tekken releases March 6, 2012 for PS3, Vita, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: Capcom Unity

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