'Street Fighter X Tekken' DLC Prices Revealed

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC

It's hard to be a fan of Street Fighter X Tekken. Actually, that's not quite right, as the game itself is quite good (check out Game Rant's Street Fighter X Tekken review for the details). It would be more accurate to say that it's expensive to be a fan of Street Fighter X Tekken, and it's going to remain that way for months to come.

Today, Capcom detailed a load of DLC on the way for Street Fighter X Capcom, and while there are some free goodies in there, don't expect the interesting stuff to come cheap.

Weeks before Street Fighter X Capcom hit store shelves, a rumor made the rounds purporting to reveal the extensive slate of DLC planned for the game. While not everything from that rumored list of DLC got an official announcement today, much of it did. The good news is that Gem Packs are going to be free. Costumes, on the other hand, are more expensive than initially expected, and the game's on-disc DLC characters add even more to the total.

Starting April 3, Swap Costumes will be available to players who, for whatever reason, would like to dress their Street Fighter characters up in Tekken costumes, or vice versa. Those costumes run $1.00 (80 MS Points) per character. Alternately, a complete set of costumes for either team can be had for $13.00 (1040 MS Points -- the rumor had these pegged at $10).

Also on April 3, three free Color Packs will be released. Each pack adds four colors to the game's customization options, begging the question, "Why couldn't there just be one pack with all twelve colors?" Following the Color Packs, a free Tournament Update will be made available that will change how Gems are selected in the game -- good thing, too, as the next DLC after that (also free) is a ton of new Gems, split into three Assist Gem Packs and six Boost Gem Packs. A free Replay Analyzer rounds out the set.

Finally, there are the 12 additional characters that will be made available to PS3 and Xbox 360 owners once the Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken arrives. How much will players pay for the privilege of using these "DLC" characters (which, remember, are on the game disc right now)? Twenty dollars, 1600 MS Points -- but, hey, at least players who already bought the game will have months to save up some scratch before the characters become available, right?

Taken all together, we're talking about an extra $46.00 on top of a $60.00 game. What do you think about that, Ranters?

Street Fighter X Tekken is available now for Xbox 360 and PS3, and is due for Vita later this year.


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Source: Capcom Unity

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