Street Fighter X Tekken might be completely broken (alright, maybe not completely broken) but that isn’t going to stop Capcom from making a few extra bucks off some DLC offerings. The first of the new additions to the game comes in the form of some new gem packs that will be retailing for $1 or 80 MS Points apiece.

Gem packs, for those that might not know but who care, provide additional boosters to character’s stats, and ostensibly add a new dynamic to online or offline play. Unfortunately, it seems that Capcom is holding back the real valuable gems, and trying to sell to the player for a price.

Along with the gem packs, a new costume swap pack will be released for Street Fighter X Tekken, but unfortunately this piece of DLC is a little pricier. At $18 or 1440 MS Points, this DLC pack is only going to be for the fighting game player who finds more than a little novelty in the idea of swapping costumes amongst fighters.

It’s not all expensive DLC packs, though, as Capcom will soon be rolling out a new color palette for costume customization and a booster pack with tons of fun goodies in it. Of course, these are still free pieces of DLC, so they are going to pale in comparison to even the $1 gem packs.

Before anyone mentions it, it’s unknown whether or not all or any of these DLC packs are already on the game disc, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they were. Capcom’s had a real struggle with Street Fighter X Tekken, both with the game’s downloadable characters being pre-loaded onto the disc and with the game being nigh unplayable in certain scenarios. Hopefully Namco Bandai can have a little more success with Tekken X Street Fighter, which is still in development even though nothing has been shown for it.

Will you be picking any of these pieces of DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken? Should Capcom be releasing DLC for a game that is, for all intents and purposes, broken?

Street Fighter X Tekken‘s new DLC will be available June 5th, but the free content will only be on sale until the 19th.

Source: Capcom (via Joystiq)