A Street Fighter vs. DC PSP game reportedly could have been all the way back in 2005, according to a document recovered by game archivist Andrew Borman. The document features a pitch by Climax for a crossover fighting game inspired by Capcom’s previous releases, taking specific gameplay cues from X-Men vs. Street Fighter. There’s no evidence that the pitch ever went further than the document itself, but it’s exciting to think about how the modern fighting game market might be different if Street Fighter vs. DC had been approved.

The late 90s saw a flurry of Capcom fighting games pitting its most prolific characters against other franchises. But by 2005, the Vs. series had lied dormant since 2001’s Capcom vs. SNK. Even Capcom’s main franchises were in a lull, having only ported iterations of Street Figher Alpha and Street Fighter 3 to more modern platforms in the time window. Climax saw an opportunity to revitalize the Vs. format with the exciting addition of DC, which led them to their pitch.

As we now know, Capcom was already working on two games later released in 2008, in Street Fighter 4 and Tatsunoku vs. Capcom. Meanwhile DC was working towards what would become Mortal Kombat vs. DC, the start of NetherRealm’s partnership with the comic book company, which has recently resulted in Injustice 2. Climax’s pitch was either already too late or competing with these other games, so it’s understandable why the PSP game ultimately wasn’t approved.

The pitch itself was solid, at the very least. Climax envisioned 40 different characters, 20 from both DC and Capcom, with unique DC characters including The Sandman, Lobo, Preacher, Death, and Hellblazer. The gameplay, as mentioned, built off features from X-Men vs. Street Fighter including double jumps, wall-jumps, a 3-bar super meter. New features included 6-player mulitplayer team battles, tournament and co-op modes, and plans for post-launch DLC characters — a relatively forward-thinking idea at the time.

Climax, oddly enough, had relatively little fighting game development experience. Borman notes that the studio worked on Mortal Kombat: Unchained, a PSP fighting game, for a time. That likely played into Climax writing up the pitch for Street Fighter vs. DC. But mostly it likely comes down to Climax being a contract developer whose business is pitching ideas for cool games and seeing which ones stick. Street Fighter vs. DC is just one that didn’t resound with the property owners, for better or worse.

Although Street Fighter vs. DC never came to fruition, fans can at least enjoy the brands’ newest fighting game iterations with Street Fighter 5 on PC and PlayStation 4, and Injustice 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: PtoPOnline – YouTube