'Street Fighter V' Coming to PS4 and PC According to Leaked Teaser Trailer

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Industry insiders and long-time fighter sim fans have been speculating about Street Fighter V for years. It's been about six years since the last numbered installment in the franchise and many enthusiasts are starting to believe those rumors that the next game would take ten years to arrive. Despite the long wait, it always seemed like a safe bet that when the next round of Street Fighter combat began, it would be available on all the current-gen platforms. If a new teaser trailer turns out to be legit, then that might not be the case after all...

According to NeoGAF users, the above teaser leaked on YouTube last night for a brief period before being set to private. A few fans managed to pull the trailer down and repost it, but we expect those will be pulled down in the near future, as well. The post wasn't clear about whether the original video showed up on Capcom's site, or somewhere else. That makes it a little suspicious, but the footage and branding all seem high quality and believable.

The trailer uses Explosions in the Sky post-rock to get fans feeling nostalgic and sappy, while showing footage from many of the games and tournaments from the franchise's 25 plus years of brawling. Footage from the new game is shown throughout the tail end of the montage (which we've captured in high-res screen shots below), but maybe even more interesting than that is the tagline under the game's logo...

"Exclusively on PS4 and PC"


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The current-gen hadoukens look appropriately epic in the teaser, but many Xbox fans out there are probably too distracted by the exclusivity to even admire the new footage. Street Fighter games haven't always arrived on all available platforms, but 2009's installment hit PS3 and Xbox 360 after the arcade and made its way to PCs just a few months later. With PlayStation pushing hard for exclusive games and content over the last year to gain an edge in the console war, stealing the entire Street Fighter console audience seems like a major win.

The teaser doesn't suggest that this is a timed exclusive for PS4 and PCs, so (if the teaser is indeed real) we expect to hear confirmation that an Xbox One port is off the table. Although we would expect to see the reveal of a game this big at a big event like E3 or PAX Prime, it might be possible that the trailer was meant to be revealed this weekend at PSX. The weekend event celebrates 20 years of PlayStation and does seem like a good venue to debut an exciting new exclusive for the console.

[Update: Trailer was taken down but we found another, shortened version which focuses on the gameplay tease instead of the documentary clips.]

Are you excited about the unofficial confirmation of Street Fighter V or just disappointed that it won't be available on the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.


No release date has been set for Street Fighter V.

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Source: NeoGAF

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